Along the Way  

A Monthly Message from the Pastor


240 East Washington Street

Martinsville, Indiana 46151

First Presbyterian Church

Here’s what I want you to do, God helping you:

Take your everyday, ordinary life—

your sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life—

and place it before God as an offering.

Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.

Romans 12:1 (The Message Bible)

“Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.”  I can think of no better challenge or encouragement as you prayerfully think about your financial pledge to FPCM for 2020.

This means that in this season stewardship planning, think about the many ways God has blessed your life in the form of encouragement, challenge, healing, comfort, inspiration and imagination.  Then think of how God has accomplished this through the life and ministry of this church, and whether and how you would like this ministry to continue well into the future.

As this church enters its 179th year in 2020, we have the opportunity to benefit from a revitalized and budding Martinsville area community.  The Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) has taken up Session’s challenge to search for a full-time pastor in anticipation of growing along with the community it serves.  Our aging church building continues to provide opportunities for maintenance and restoration.  Mission and Christian education involve on-going investment.  Income struggles to keep up with expenses on a month to month basis.  The challenges we face are real but so is our hope!

The Stewardship Committee has planned a thoughtful and spirited campaign which involves individuals sharing their own “meditations on faith and hope” each Sunday up until Stewardship Sunday on October 20 which will have its own surprises.  That’s when your prayerful consideration culminates in a decision about your investment in FPCM’s future.  It’s the time when you consider what God has done for you and what you are prepared to do in return to embrace and expand God’s kingdom work through this church.

Pastor John