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Faith and Hope for the Future

Our stewardship campaign is in full swing in October!  We will culminate with a celebratory dinner on October 20th as we make our pledges for 2020.  Each Sunday starting September 29th, we have asked several individuals to speak to the congregation on how the church has helped them on their faith journey.  This is a time for each of us to prayerfully consider our financial support for the this wonderful church with special consideration given to the need to raise funds to hire a full time pastor.  As we make our pledges on October 20, we will make imprints of our hands on a banner as we commemorate our faith and hope for the future.  

As you reflect on stewardship and what it means to you, start at the beginning with Genesis 1:1-5 (The Creation Story)
This verse reminds us that God created everything, so all that we have is ultimately from God. It is also a reminder that God brings light into our world, and as children of the light, we are called to live lives of gratitude and generosity, giving back to the work of God out of the abundance that God has shared with us from the very beginning.

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