240 East Washington Street

Martinsville, Indiana

First Presbyterian Church

"And now these three remain:       faith, hope and love. 

 But the greatest of these is love."

  1 Corinthians 13: 13

Upcoming ​Sermons

Pastor John 

​September 2

Rev. John VanderZee

Sermon:  A Scandalous Grace

(The Story of Jacob and Esau)  

Scripture Passages:  Genesis 25:  21-34

I Corinthians 1:  26-31

September 16

Rev. John VanderZee Sermon:  Finding Our Lives in Christ

(Jesus says similar things elsewhere in the Gospels about how we must continuously die to our selves in order to rediscover ourselves in light of Jesus life, death and resurrection.) 

Scripture Passages:  Psalm 116:  1-9

Mark 8:  27-36

September 30

Rev. John VanderZee

Sermon:  Wait:  What?  (How do we deal with those teachings of Jesus that trip us up as we explore their mysteries for  our lives?)

Scripture Passages:  James 5:  13-20

Mark 9:  38-50

September 9

Rev. JohnVanderZee 

Sermon:  Acting Out Our Faith

Scripture Passages:  Proverbs 22:  1-2, 8-9

James 2:  1-10, 14-17