What to expect when you come to church

First Presbyterian Church

​Our service

We have a traditional worship service which lasts an hour.  Our sanctuary is a beautiful space for contemplation and prayer.   We have outstanding sacred music provided by our choir, organist, and bell choir.  Our hymns are derived mostly from the Presbyterian Hymnal.

How do I enter the church?

We have two entrances, one on Washington street and one on Sycamore street.  Either one can be used and there will be someone at each entrance to greet and welcome you.  

Handicapped accessibility

There are two ramps accessing the church:  one at the Sycamore Street entrance and the other at the Keller Hall entrance on Washington Street.  The sanctuary can be reached by either way.


There is parking available on both Washington and Sycamore streets as well as in the bank parking lot across on Sycamore street.

What should I wear?

Whatever type of clothing that you are comfortable in is fine.  Some people dress up and others wear jeans.  There is no formal dress code for church!


Children are welcome and included

in both worship and Sunday School.  Generally, children stay in the

sanctuary through the children's

sermon and then exit for Worship

and Wonder.  Younger age children

can either stay with their family or

child care is provided.

240 East Washington Street

Martinsville, Indiana 46151